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IBC container | Octabins | Quadwall


Strength in a tough world

Standard Octabins

These Octabins are constructed from heavy duty double, triple or Quadwall cardboard. As an Octabin manufacturer most Octabins are made to customer specifications but we do also stock standard Octabins. The stock Octabin can be puchased in small numbers. Octabins come with a standard double wall external lid and base, in addition to a glued & stitched sleeve.  They are designed

Base Discharge Octabins

The Base discharge octabin is essentially the same as the standard octabin ( IBC ) but with the addition of a base discharge through the bottom of the box. Base discharge octabins that can unload their  contents through their base and eliminate manual handling are readily available off the shelf. The octabins can discharge through the centre of

Self Assembly Octabins

This type of cardboard Octabin is the quickest and easiest to assemble. The pre formed sleeve and base  of the octabin arrive flat packed on pallets. These can be taken off the stack , unfolded and placed on to a new pallet ready to be filled in one simple action . The base and sleeve of the

Telescopic Octobins

Telescopic octobins are the most complicated type of  IBC that Quadwall produces. The main sleeve of the octobin is composed of two pieces , with the lower half usually made from quad wall board for strength and the upper sleeves from a lighter grade of heavy duty cardboard. These two piece Octobins are especially useful for use

Water Containers 1000 Litre

Cardboard bins to hold 1000 litres of liquids are a new addition to the Quadwall range of products. Manufactured from heavy duty corrugated board, with an internal polythene bag , the bin can easily hold 1000 litres AND  have boxes stacked on top as well. The bag in box assembly arrives flat packed , saving a huge

Composite Packs

Composite packs with a strong corrugated outer layer and soft foam inserts inside create a secure and safe environment for the most delicate of goods. Outer cardboard in quad wall , triple wall or double wall heavy duty corrugated give these packs their primary strength. The addition of wood , plastic , foam or foil

Free Flow Base Octabins

Free flow bases can be added to the bottom of discharge octabins to aid in the emptying of the box. This essentially creates a cardboard flow bin. These cardboard bins have  a sealed base made from normal heavy duty corrugated . Once opened the bases allow product to leave the Octabin in a controlled manner through

Pallets and Fitments

Discharge pallets can be supplied with special plastic sides to locate the Octobins or pallet collars. Pallet collars can be supplied printed & with a water repellent coating. Numerous other types of fittings are also available to meet customer requirements.

Pallet boxes

Supplied flat packed or assembled, Pallet Boxes, are the perfect solution for a heavy duty transit pack. The packs come with an integral lid and base pad with all seams both glued & stitched. The pallets can be supplied in wood, plastic, polystyrene or honeycomb paper with two or four way entry. Any type of

Standard Cases

Heavy duty cardboard cases in double, triple or quad wall board can be made to specific customer requirements. Conventional corrugated cases are not normally manufactured but these can be made if required. In heavy duty cardboard bins all our joints are made with glue and metal staples , giving a joint stronger than the surrounding