Telescopic Octobins

Strength in a tough world
Telescopic Octobins

Telescopic octobins are the most complicated type of  IBC that Quadwall produces. The main sleeve of the octobin is composed of two pieces , with the lower half usually made from quad wall board for strength and the upper sleeves from a lighter grade of heavy duty cardboard.

These two piece Octobins are especially useful for use with goods that settle in transit or goods with a widely varying density .

Once the octobin is filled , a lid is placed and secured onto the top sleeve.  Next  the top sleeve is released from the bottom sleeve allowing the top sleeve and lid to come to rest on top of the Octobins contents . This prevents a large void space being present in the top of the octabin .

With no void space present , these octobins can now be stacked on one another .

These octabins come flat packed and can be quickly and easily assembled to give up to two cubic meters of storage space.