Base Discharge Octabins

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Base Discharge Octabins

The Base discharge octabin is essentially the same as the standard octabin ( IBC ) but with the addition of a base discharge through the bottom of the box. Base discharge octabins that can unload their  contents through their base and eliminate manual handling are readily available off the shelf.

The octabins can discharge through the centre of the base or through the side of the base sleeve, as in a letterbox. If central discharge is required then a special discharge pallet is usually required.

Once the central Base discharge is opened , gravity pulls the product out of the underneath of the Octabin.

If control of this discharge is required from the Octabin, then a free flow base can be added with a polythene valve to regulate the release of product from within the bin. As an Octabin manufacturer we can modify all our octabins to have a base discharge system and they are good alternative to flow bins.

Considerable space can be saved with these flat packed flow bins.